10/10M - Cool'DAMN

Mitsunagi ao posted Apr 25, 17

This kill puts us on 10/10M and the end of one of the most ridiculously tuned tiers of all time.

Now that we have no bosses to kill until tomb, let's just celebrate this one.

Video courtesy of Michael "Endlos" Cole

Yunahime a What in God's name is a Cool'DAMN?

Get Augur my swamp

Amarathy posted Mar 23, 17

Yunahime a wasn't even ready for photo time @@

Normal Service Resumed

Mitsunagi ao posted Jan 24, 17

Clearing HC Nighthold in week 1, taking Mythic Helya along for the ride. Just another day at the office for <Fate>

<Fate> always recruiting the best GMT+8 talent to join our team. Apply now.


Amarathy posted Nov 22, 16

It's been a while...

Yunahime a posted Oct 30, 16

We are currently 4/7M and progressing. By popular demand, <Fate> is now officially on a 3 day a week raiding schedule.

Some videos of our most recent kills, courtesy of Frostx. ^^


Dragons of the Nightmare

hwhplx kron wants some love
Riyoxoxo Haha yeah I am, but a casual 2x3h raid days. Can't raid Saturdays with Fate lol
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